What is vision boarding?!

Vision boarding is a great activity to do as an adult or with your kids! It helps you set the intention and get your kids to think about what they like and record big goals or dreams. So, what IS vision boarding? It’s a collage of pictures and words that you create to visualize your year. You cut out these pictures from magazines or photos, but you can also use colored pencils and markers to add to your boards. I also know some friends who make digital vision boards. There are really no rules when it comes to vision boarding!


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These are common with adults to do at the start of a new year. On January 1st, you’ll hear a lot about “envisioning your best year” and how to vision board. I think with kids, you can do it at the start of school or any new activity. There is no right way or time to vision board!

Gather your supplies

You can use whatever you have around the house, but my kids absolutely love these twistable crayons and twistable colored pencils!

Read a book

I know it’s shocking that I include a book with this activity (wink!). My absolute favorite book for vision boarding is Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds. All of Peter Reynolds’ books are amazing, but this one really helps your child visualize their dreams. It is also a part of the Big Dreams Collection if you want to grab 3 books by Peter Reynolds!

Make your vision board collage

Let your child cut into those magazines themselves! This is great fine motor practice for little ones, and just a great way to craft with your kids. It will not be perfect, but encourage those jagged edges as they cut independently!

Teacher Tips:

Make a box and then a dot when it comes to gluing. This is a skill you really do have to model. I would spend countless hours in first grade showing six-year-olds how to glue. I spent a bit of time in fourth grade too 😉

Add some guided meditation or visualizing exercises for kids

Take a magic carpet ride with this guided meditation for kids. This may help your kids get some ideas for their vision boards. You will visit different places and she gives you some ideas to think about as you relax.

Display those vision boards

Do not just make your vision boards and toss them. Make sure you find a place where you can look at them each day and bring those goals and ideas to life!

Looking for more activities to do with your kids?

Take the quiz, What Type of Reader Do You Have? and look for specific books and ideas for your child!

I would love to see your vision boards! Share them in the Facebook group or tag me @creativereadingadventures when you make yours.

Kim Creigh, M.Ed