Ready to cultivate a love of reading in your home?

You CAN get your child to read—even if you’re a busy working parent or your child has their feet firmly planted in the “hates to read” camp. 

What type of reader is your child?

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I get it. Virtual learning can feel impersonal & ineffective.

(Maybe you still have PTSD from asynchronous learning—Zoom school, anyone?

That's why Creative Reading Adventures does things differently.

I share research-based reading strategies to help busy moms like you take the frustration out of reading with your child.

So if it ever feels like reading "clicks" for every other child...

...while you're stuck wondering if your child will ever learn to read.

^The answer is YES, he or she can
with a little help from your favorite reading consultant (that's me!)
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I’m on a mission to help moms foster a love of reading in their homes.

Are you ready to take a reading adventure together?

Hi, I'm Kim—

Take a mom of four... add a Masters in Reading Education from the University of Virginia... and a past life as an elementary reading specialist... and honestly, what else would I do?! I started my business in 2018, and have loved helping hundreds of children grow a love of reading.

Nowadays, I'm on a mission to help moms foster a love of reading in their home.

Whether you get bit by the reading bug back when you met Belle from Beauty & the Beast (and her library, duh). . .

. . . or you weren't much of a reader yourself—but want to raise a book-loving critical thinker. . .

. . . I can help. Let's start your family's reading story.

"The activities are simple enough that parents won't have to stress over how to fit them into their day. I predict these activities will prevent the "I'm bored" whining when that inevitably occurs in the summer. The adventures are incredibly actionable, making them consistent with kids' desire for engagement and movement. Kids will ask to do these activities because they are fun, not even realizing they're also improving their reading skills."
Rachel Bailey, Mom of 2
Parenting Specialist

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"I LOVED that is was so independent. {My daughter} did everything on her own except printing, which was easy. She really learned facts and told us all about sloths at dinner each night. She got right off the call today and went to create her presentation for Friday. She's way into it!"
Megan Flatt, Mom of 2
Owner of Let's Collective
"This ebook places the parents in a more confident role in regards to their child's reading and that's important. Kim provides you with just enough information on reading skills and phonics that parents can use as a starting point to get involved and really nurture their children's reading habits."
Suzy Malarchar, Mom of 3
Teacher & Owner of Sparkle Strands