Hi, I'm Kim

I’m on a mission to help moms foster a love of reading in their homes. I’m so happy you found me on my little corner of the web. Grab your cup of coffee and let’s get to know each other a little better.

 I taught multiple grades in elementary school while earning my Masters in Reading Education from the University of Virginia. Perhaps more important than my time learning in grad school, teaching as a reading specialist, or tutoring multiple children, is my title of mom to three amazing kids.

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What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine the endless possibilities if your child loved to read. I mean truly loved to read.
Instead of fighting over reading those 20 minutes of reading they have to do for homework,
your child begs to sneak in a little more reading time before bed.

It’s possible.

  • “I LOVED that it was so independent. {My daughter} did everything on her own except printing, which was easy. She really learned facts and told us all about sloths at dinner each night. She got right off the call today and went to create her presentation for Friday. She is way into it!”

    -Megan Flatt, mom of 2, owner of Let’s Collective
  • “The activities are simple enough that parents will not have to stress over how to fit them into their day. In fact, I predict that these activities will prevent the “I’m bored” whining that inevitably occurs in the summer. The adventures are incredibly actionable, making them consistent with kids’ desire for engagement and movement. Kids will ask to do these activities because they’re fun, not even realizing that they’re also improving their reading skills.” 

    – Rachel Bailey, mom of 2, Parenting Specialist
  • “This ebook places the parents in a more confident role in regards to reading and that’s important. Kim provides you with just enough information on reading skills and phonics that parents can use this as a starting point to get involved and really nurture their children’s reading habits.”

    -Suzy Malarcher, teacher, mom of 3, owner of Sparkle Strands

Learn to Love to Read

My mission is to spread a love of reading in your home. 

I will be honest- reading is hard. So hard, in fact, that they don’t teach you how to teach reading when you go to college to become an elementary school teacher. (That’s a story for another day). There are a lot of components that need to come together in the reading process.

We all know the saying “I can do hard things.” However, kids do not WANT to do things that are hard for them. Whether your child is just starting to learn their letters, moving into early chapter books, or is a fluent reader ready to read anything you put in front of them, reading can be difficult.

I truly believe the first step in becoming a successful reader is to foster and nurture that love of reading. I have spoken at many different conferences and provided training to teachers and parents on exactly how to do this. 

I combine my knowledge as a teacher and as a busy mom to provide the best reading tips and strategies for you to try in your home.

My Core Values

I truly believe the key to reading success is getting your child to love to read

Reading builds on different skills. Figuring out exactly which piece your child needs to succeed in reading is one of my favorite things to do.

Respectful discussions and conversations are a huge part of reading. If you are fighting with your child to read, it is much less enjoyable and successful for both of you!

Learning to read should be FUN and is an exciting adventure to take with your child!

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