Planning for a New Year

Are you trying to forget the last couple of years and move right into planning for next year? I get it. Today, I’m sharing my best planners for moms and some of my favorite planning tools. I’m always asked how I run a business with three kids and still have time to watch the occasional Hallmark movie!

My secret is simple: I love to plan!


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I am a huge planner, and in 2021 all of my best-laid mom plans, teacher plans, and business plans flew right out the window, as I’m sure it did with many of you! I highly recommend taking some time over these next couple of days to reflect on what did work for your 2021 and what you want to take into 2022 because 2021 wasn’t ALL horrible.

Best Planners for Moms

Best Planners for Moms for Goalsetting: Powersheets

Powersheets are my absolute favorite goal-setting tool. I just absolutely love everything that Cultivate What Matters stands for, and their way of setting goals and breaking them down to work on little by little works for me.

Powersheets planners held by a woman with a pink background

This does take a bit of a time commitment each month. I do recommend finding some planning-loving mom friends to team up with and have monthly Powersheets meetups. It’s a way to stay on track AND see your friends.

In 2020 and 2021, my Powersheets Posse had to move to Zoom, but it was still nice to connect and chat about our goals! You can shop the entire 2022 PowerSheets Collection here. It looks like my cover, Natural Linen, is sold out this year, but my cover from last year is still available (Clear Skies) and they’re all gorgeous!

Best Planners for Moms: Everyday Planner- momAgenda

Once I have my tending list filled out for my monthly goals, I move into a daily planner. I absolutely LOVE the momAgenda.

There is space at the top for MY daily plans and then space at the bottom for each of my kids’ schedules. While many of our 2020 plans were rescheduled, it was still nice to have room for their own doctor’s appointments or school virtual events. I love to color code these blocks as well (shocking, I know!). They even have a little section for your dinner plans- you can definitely tell this was designed by a mom!

best planners for busy moms showing erasable pens and sections for kids plans
My favorite part of this planner is the separate sections for my kids… naturally, Creative Reading Adventures is one of my babies 😉

I have also moved into the digital age (ha!) and put most of this information into my Google calendar. I do still love to plan it out on paper each week as well.

Planning Tools for Busy Moms

While none of these are necessary, they make planning more fun! I never need an excuse to purchase more office supplies, but just in case you do, file these purchases under “planning tools!”

I love these erasable pens! They are perfect for color-coding and when your plans change! I’m also a huge fan of these erasable highlighters for the same reasons.

I hope you know Flair pens are the way to a teacher’s heart! These can bleed through some planners, so just be careful and do a test first. I use these all the time when I’m tutoring.

Teacher tip: Make writing more fun by letting your child use a fancy Flair pen to write their stories!

Keep all of those pens with you in this fun push-up Pencil Pouch. You can throw them in your purse and then take them out and use it to easily find that pen color!

Stickers always make planning a little more fun!

Weekly Meal Planning pad

While the momAgenda does have a dinner spot, sometimes I like to plan all 3 meals and snacks. I love this Weekly Meal Planning pad and it’s so easy to make my grocery list from it!

I always add in my reading goals to my planners. Want to know what type of reader you have? Get book ideas and strategies to try so you can plan by taking this quiz!

Tell me in the comments below… What is your best planner, busy mom?!

Kim Creigh, M.Ed