3 kids making Valentines announcing the blog title, 5 favorite school valentine ideas that also promote literacy.

I searched Etsy for the cutest school Valentine ideas that also happen to promote literacy. These are all non-candy Valentine’s ideas for school.

If you want to promote literacy in your own home, you may be interested in my Learn to Love to Read activity book. You can check that out here.

But first, let’s check out my 5 favorite school Valentine ideas!

1. Slinky Class Valentines

I use these little slinkies all of the time when I tutor for both reading and writing! Stretch out those sounds and write down the sounds you hear, after you spread some Valentine’s love, of course! Your child’s class will spring with joy with these cute class Valentines.

“You make my heart spring” Slinky Valentines

This school Valentine idea is different shaped small slinkies with "you make my heart spring!" printed cards from Etsy.
These class Valentines make MY heart spring! How cute are these printed cards from JustPeachybyJulie?

2. Heart Crayons Valentine Cards for Class

These heart crayons are ready to gift as your child’s school valentines! You can absolutely melt your own crayons into heart molds, but this Etsy shop owner has you covered if you don’t have time for that.

I love this non-candy Valentine idea. Use the crayon to practice writing their name or writing sight words. If your little reader is not writing letters yet, they can draw and label a picture with it. All of these activities promote literacy!

Valentine Heart Crayons

These melted heart crayons are packaged in clear packaging with "Valentine you color my world" tags as a school Valentine idea.
These Valentine Crayons from ShimmerLilac are one of my favorite Valentine ideas for class. While you absolutely can make these crayons with your own heart mold and old crayons, she makes it so easy to order and have a zero-prep class Valentine!

3. Won-doh-ful School Valentine Ideas

These won-doh-ful printable cards are perfect for preschoolers and elementary classes! Play-doh helps build up those important muscles for writing, so it’s a great Valentine for preschoolers.

I know my elementary-aged little interns love play-doh too! It’s a great tool to use to soothe meltdowns and stay calm. It’s also fun to play with during family read alouds.

PlayDoh Valentines

This play-doh school Valentine ideas include cards that say "Valentine, you are doh-riffic!" "Valentine, you are doh best!" "Valentine, you are won-doh-ful!" and "Valentine, you are a-doh-able!" with hearts and red dotted frames.
These a-doh-able Valentine cards from TexasMamaDesigns are perfect for preschoolers and elementary classes! Please note, you will have to purchase the play-doh separately.

4. Scratch-a-Sketch Elementary Valentines Cards

These require a bit of prep on your child’s end, but how cute are these Scratch-a-Sketch Valentines? Your child can write a secret message to each of their friends. I’m obsessed with these AND your child can practice writing!

You can write in any color pen or pencil and then cover it with the scratch-off sticker. Attach a penny to help with the scratching or let the class scratch their secret message with their fingernail.

In my opinion, these would be fun to send any time of the year to friends and family.

Scratch-a-Sketch Valentine

This school Valentine idea has a scratch-off grey surface where your child writes a note like "You are pure magic! heart-Emily" and this image contains a penny showing the scratch off on the inside red frame.
These Scratch-a-Sketch Valentines are a favorite from InklingsPaperie! You write the message to your friends and these just may be the most fun Valentine cards for class!

5. Poppin’ Valentines Class Ideas

Pop-Its are popular for any age! Pop them to play or soothe, or for literacy activities! You can pop each sound you hear, or practice those spelling lists by popping for each letter you say aloud.

Pop-Its are fun AND useful for school Valentine ideas!

“Hope your Valentine’s Day is popping” Pop-Its

This school Valentine idea is a red and white pop-it attached to a card that reads, "Hope your Valentine's Day is poppin' Your friend, Nolan"
Your class Valentine’s cards will be poppin’ with these cards from NolieSmiles!

Learn to Love to Read this Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for literacy activities to do with your Valentine, you should check out my Learn to Love to Read activity book!

The truth is, enjoyment while reading plays a huge role in reading success.

What if this Valentine’s Day you could do quick, easy, FUN activities with your child to encourage reading?

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With the words "love" in the background and an image of the Learn to Love to Read activity book with 2 young girls reading in a tent. The words "Activities you'll love!" by Kim Creigh, M.Ed. are along the bottom.
This activity book mock-up shows the cover of Learn to Love to Read, the table of contents, and the different reader types like beginning, transitional, and fluent readers.

If you’re looking for Valentine Morning Meeting activities, teacher friends, check this out from The Education Flyaway!

What Valentine cards or activities are you doing to promote literacy this year? Let me know in the comments!

Kim Creigh, M.Ed