Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for the book lover?! Check out these 20+ ideas for your kids, your family, and for you, busy mom! This gift guide for book lovers covers kids to adults, so you’ll get great ideas for everyone on your list. Most of this list I have personally tried or owned so you can rest assured I know what to get someone who likes to read πŸ˜‰

Gift Guide for Book Lovers with a picture of a book and purples and pinks with bokeh lights in the background signaling 20+ gift ideas for the book lover

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Gifts for Kids who Love to Read

Even if your child doesn’t LOVE to read (yet!), these gifts may encourage them to pick up a book. Books make amazing stocking stuffers! If you want suggestions for books on their reading level to gift, then be sure to download my Making Sense of Book Levels Cheat Sheet which has lots of book suggestions!

Toniebox Starter Set

I cannot wait to gift this to my little bookworm this Christmas! This new audio system is designed for little listeners. Simply pop a Tonie on top of the Toniebox and start listening to a new story. They have a partnership with Disney and Sesame Street so you can get Tonies for all of your child’s favorite characters.

I love that this is screen-free and you don’t have to have WiFi after the initial setup. This is a great way for your child to hear fluent reading. You can also record your family singing and load their favorite music. Amazon claims this is for kids ages 3+.

Library Kit for Pretend Play

I’m sad I didn’t have this kit as a child! A co-teacher and I tried to make our own library system for our classroom one year… let’s just say it didn’t exactly work πŸ˜‰ Make all of your little librarian’s dreams come true this year with this library play kit!

Slumberkins Book & Snuggler

I absolutely LOVE Slumberkins products. They are amazing for Social-Emotional Learning and have creative ways to discuss your child’s feelings. I gifted one to my little intern to discuss family changes with the new baby coming. They have so many different stuffed animal options and books to go along with the different feelings. I also love the affirmation cards they include with the books!

Mark My Time Bookmark

Need to squeeze in those 20 minutes of reading? Have your child use this timer bookmark to keep track of their reading time. We did have to set a few “rules” in our home since the beeping and playing with the timer can sometimes be more fun than actual reading. We set it and forget it and it seems to work well now!

Library Tote Bag

How fun would it be to wrap your child’s favorite books in this tote? Then use it for all of your upcoming library trips!

Bookish Pajamas

Pair these pajamas with their matching book and you have an adorable gift!

Adventures with Books: DIY Book Club

Give the gift of reading to your child! This DIY Book Club was designed to grow your reader through research-based activities. My main objectives when developing this program were to increase your child’s reading comprehension, reading skills, and their love of reading!

You can read all about the Winter DIY Book Club picks and give that gift of reading here.

Navy blue background with book and hot air balloon announcing Adventures with Books: DIY Book Club
Icon pictures to illustrate the benefits of DIY book club including a book, printer, active child, vocabulary list, email, and video play button

Reading Nook Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

You know one of my favorite things to talk about in making reading fun is a reading nook! These are great gift ideas for the book lover, or soon-to-be book lover when you create this cozy space for reading!

Sight Word Blanket

Cuddle up with this blanket for movie night and then read a few words before you start! This is a fun, snuggly way to practice those sight words.

Reading Tent

This tent can be transformed into a reading tent by simply adding bins of your child’s favorite books! Again, if you’re looking for books on their level, check out my Making Sense of Book Levels Cheat Sheet to fill that reading tent with quality books!

Creative Fort

Not into tents? Let your kids build a fort! Then, throw that sight word blanket over the top!

Neck Reading Light

I can’t wait to gift these in my big interns’ stockings this year! I also may want one of these myself πŸ˜‰ This neck reading light takes Flashlight Friday reading to the next level!

Bean Bags that Hide Stuffed Animals!

I wish I came up with this brilliant idea! We have two of these magical bean bags that can hide all of the stuffed animals! They then become useful bean bags that you can put in that cozy reading nook.

Family Bookish Gifts

Not everyone in my family is a book lover (*gasp!) but every year I try to win over my accountant with a family bookish gift. So even if you don’t need bookish gifts for everyone in your family, you may consider the following to try to convince them how awesome books are πŸ˜‰

Book Puzzle

I am not a huge puzzle fan, but this one filled with classic children’s book covers just may win me over!


Audible is my go-to for long soccer drives. We love to pick slightly harder chapter books to listen to on longer car rides. I would say if you have older kids, skip the Toniebox and get a family audible subscription. It will lead to lots of great discussions about books you listen to together.

Reading Nook with Book Shelves

Add a comfy cushion and let your child curl up on top of the books while you have family reading time! Fill those shelves with quality books!

A to Z Shabby Chic Bookends

Fill these bookends with great book suggestions from my Making Sense of Book Reading Levels Cheat Sheet!

Book Stamp

Keep track of your family’s books with one of these adorable book stamps. Be sure to stamp your family name in each book before you let anyone borrow books!

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover… that’s YOU!

Do you, busy mom, love to read? You may want to add some of these to your own gift list this year! I love these gifts for bookworms.

Ember Mug

Do you ever drink your coffee or tea hot? Or do you forget about it in the microwave for the third time since you are pulled in a million different directions? Treat yourself this holiday season, busy mom! I have the white Ember mug, but I just absolutely LOVE this rose gold color. You can control the heat with an app and my coffee and tea stay warm until the very last sip!

Bookish Wine Glass

Would you rather unwind with a glass of wine instead of tea? I love the saying on this glass! Now if only my little interns would read it and follow the directions…

Bookmarks are for Quitters T-Shirt

Can you ever have enough t-shirts? I love the saying too!

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Trust me when I tell you these blankets are worth every penny! They are so comfy and soft and you will never want to leave your couch. I have a cream striped one and I’m always curled up with my book in it!

Shhh I’m Reading Socks

Can you ever have too many socks? These may be on my own Christmas wish list πŸ˜‰

My Reading Life: A Book Journal

I am terrible at tracking books I read, and this little book journal could definitely help!

What’s YOUR Favorite Book Lover Gifts?

I would love to hear your favorite gift idea from this gift guide for book lovers! Did you add anything to your wish list? Did you get any great ideas for your kids? Let me know in the comments!

Kim Creigh, M.Ed