• National-Pet-Day

    National Pet Day Celebrations: Read these 7 books!

    National Pet Day is April 11th Are you celebrating National Pet Day? Who doesn’t love pets?! While we don’t necessarily need an excuse to celebrate our pets, I am using National Pet Day as an excuse to shower our dog with even more love and read quality books! It’s always fun to add a random […]

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  • Easter-egg-activities

    Easter Egg Activities: Reading fun!

    Help your child with reading and have fun! These Easter egg activities may just convince you to leave those eggs out all year! Please, don’t be so quick to put away those plastic Easter eggs! They are an amazing teaching tool, and best of all, your kids won’t even realize they are practicing reading skills. […]

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  • book-club-for-kids

    Book Club for Kids: 3 Benefits for Your Child

    Why do I think your child needs to join a book club for kids? It’s no secret that I love reading and it’s my mission to spread a love of reading in your home. Running a virtual book club for kids is the best thing that came out of this crazy past year for me! […]

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  • educational-board-games-for-kids

    Educational Board Games for Kids

    20+ of the Best Educational Board Games for Kids Are you looking for the best educational board games for kids to use for your next family game night? Most board games teach many valuable life skills. This list of educational board games for kids will teach how to take turns, how to lose graciously (we […]

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