• 5 Best Tips for Summer Slide Prevention: It’s not too late!

    We all know that the summer slide in reading is real. Kids are going to lose some of their reading and math skills over the summer simply because they aren’t using them. Today, we’re talking through the 5 best tips for summer slide prevention. Tips for Summer Reading The absolute BEST way to combat that […]

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  • Summer-Slide-in-Reading

    Summer Slide in Reading: How To Help Your Child

    Have you ever wondered about the summer slide in reading & math and if it’s real? Spoiler alert: it is! Today, I am focusing on the summer slide in reading, but those math facts can also slip a bit over the summer. Learn how to help your child prevent the summer slide in reading in […]

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  • Reading in 3rd grade: Why is it so important?

    Why is reading in 3rd grade so important? As a former third grade teacher, there is a lot of pressure to “catch” kids up by 3rd grade. There are very good reasons for this! Third grade is the last year kids are learning to read and in fourth grade kids are reading to learn. There […]

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  • Earth-Day-Activities-for-Kids

    10+ Earth Day Activities for Kids + Free Printable!

    Looking for some Earth Day activities for your kids? Did you know we have been celebrating Earth Day for 51 years? The very first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. I’ve included some of our favorite Earth Day books, activities to help explain reduce, reuse, and recycle, and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day […]

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