• A winter scene with a text overlay of "20+ winter books for kids: perfect for hot cocoa and snuggling!" illustrates the title of the blog post. A mug of hot cocoa is in the corner as a visual reminder of winter.

    20+ winter books for kids: perfect for hot cocoa and snuggling!

    It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book. These 20+ winter books for kids pair perfectly with chilly winter weather (maybe with some snow falling outside!) and hot cocoa. Winter is one of the best seasons to snuggle up and read!  Today I’m covering: An easy tool to figure out […]

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  • My child hates to read… What should I do?

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “My child hates to read. What should I do?” You know reading is important and really the key to every other subject in school. There is reading research out there that shows that children’s emotions about reading have a huge impact on whether they’ll become lifelong readers. There are […]

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  • What are the best back to school read alouds for kids of all ages?

    Heading back to school causes a mix of emotions from both adults and kids alike! While you consider getting back into the school routine, I recommend these back to school read alouds to chat about all of those feelings! Relating to characters and discussing books is sometimes easier for kids than just talking about those […]

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